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New Obamacare Defense: Blame Everyone But Yourself | RedState.

New Obamacare Defense: Blame Everyone But Yourself

Yesterday at the conclave of the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council, Barack Obama got a chance to demonstrate what he does best: blame others and make excuses.

President Obama on Tuesday sought to redirect some of the political blame for the botched rollout of the federal health insurance exchange to Republicans, characterizing GOP lawmakers as rooting for the law’s failure.

[Editor’s note: what Mr. Obama seems to forget is that Republicans had nothing to do with the botched health care act. It was all done in secret, behind closed doors, without the participation of the GOP. REMEMBER: They had to “pass it to find out what’s in it.” Sounds like the definition of a stool sample.]

Addressing a gathering of business executives, Obama acknowledged that the health-care rollout “has been rough, to say the least,” and he lamented the government’s archaic information-technology procurement system.

[Editor’s note: Technological challenges are not the problem, Mr. Numbnuts. The problem is in the policy itself. It won’t work, regardless of tech challenges. But then again, a community organizer wouldn’t have any experience with technological challenges beyond phones and pagers, now, would he?]

Obama said that fixes to the Web portal are underway and that the exchange will function for a majority of people by the end of November. But the president said staunch opposition from congressional Republicans is inhibiting the law’s implementation.

[Editor’s note: Seems a bit nebulous to say that the “exchange will function for a majority of people” when you can’t really come up with any numbers besides a “majority”. Staunch opposition is coming from congressional Republicans because of their constituents. Or, have you not figured that out yet, Mr. Numbnuts?]

“One of the problems we’ve had is one side of Capitol Hill is invested in failure,” Obama said at the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council meeting in Washington. “We obviously are going to have to remarket and rebrand, and that will be challenging in this political environment.”

The president also voiced frustration with the toxic political atmosphere endangering his signature legislative achievement. He said Washington needs to “break through the stubborn cycle of crisis politics and start working together.”

[Editor’s note: The “toxic political environment” and the need to “break through the stubborn cycle of crisis politics” was of your own creation… or those of your handlers. Since you can’t seem to do anything on your own, you’re nothing more than a puppet and your chief mouthpiece, Jay Carney, can’t seem to best you in the telling of lies. We don’t believe a word you’re saying, Mr. Numbnuts.]

Let’s review the bidding. To date no one has explained how the contracting procedure for information technology systems contributed, much less caused, to the ignominious beginning of Obamacare. Rather the fault lies with the incompetent boobs with which the Obama administration has recruited at great expense. According to the Washington Post:

Others point fingers at the Department of Health and Human Services, which took years to issue final specifications, preventing CGI (my note: the main vendor for from really getting started until this spring.

If specs weren’t available until Spring 2013, and those apparently weren’t very well thought out, then it is hard to blame the contracting system. It worked well enough to allow a crony of Michelle Obama to win a sole source deal for the lion’s share of the project:

First Lady Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is a top executive at the company that earned the contract to build the failed Obamacare website.

Toni Townes-Whitley, Princeton class of ’85, is senior vice president at CGI Federal, which earned the no-bid contract to build the $678 million Obamacare enrollment website at CGI Federal is the U.S. arm of a Canadian company.

Townes-Whitley and her Princeton classmate Michelle Obama are both members of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni.


As reported by the Washington Examiner in early October, the Department of Health and Human Services reviewed only CGI’s bid for the Obamacare account.

One is also left wondering why Obama seems surprised that the GOP is “invested” in the failure of Obamacare. Obamacare is just another Democrat foray into Cargo Cult Economics (here | here | here | here | here) that requires a willing suspension of disbelief and huge majority of Americans acting against their own economic interests for it to succed. That sentient beings would oppose such nonsense is hardly news.

And, of course, there is the partisan aspect of the issue. It is hard to find an example of an opposition party working 24-7 to make the other party’s agenda succeed.  When partisan tensions are exacerbated by the fact that this monstrosity was rammed through the Congress in a dishonest manner, by two of the most duplicitous, unindicted felons to ever lead the House and Senate, that would be Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, without a single Republican vote, it is hardly a shock to find hard core opposition.

Apparently Obama thinks this is worse than when his own party advocated killing American troops in Iraq , part of the “slow bleed” strategy articulated by that odious bag of pus, Jack Murtha, in order to ensure America lost a war because they couldn’t bear the thought of George Bush succeeding.

He also fails to explain how GOP opposition has had any impact at all. Obamacare is the law. It is being implemented. It is funded.

As he bemoans the “toxic political atmosphere” he should do a bit of soul-searching (admittedly it would take about fifty men and a sizable pack of bloodhound to find his soul) and examine how the political environment got this way. It didn’t happen overnight. He struggled in a manner worthy of Hercules to burn down his own credibility, rebuff the opposition, and lie left-right-and-center for no greater reason than just to stay in practice.

Ironically, it has turned out that the most effective opposition to Obamacare has not been the GOP, it has been the Obama administration’s epic incompetence and malfeasance.


There’s an old saying, “If you make people think they are thinking, they will love you. If you make people REALLY think, they will hate you.” Especially Liberals. They think they know it all.

Oh, they know a lot of “stuff”… it’s just that all that they know “ain’t so”.

In Thomas Friedman’s book, “The World Is Flat,” he talks about how people stand in long lines and buy tickets from scalpers to see Britney Spears. Yet, in China, they stand in long lines and scalp tickets to hear Bill Gates speak. Friedman makes this point to question American values and priorities.

I make the point to illustrate the lack of knowledge on the part of Liberals.

Britney helps us escape reality; so does The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Dancing With The Stars, and yes, even Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice.

Great innovators such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Frederick Douglas, Henry Ford and, for those of you who want to think, Nikola Tesla, helped us invent new horizons. Even though Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are noted Liberals, when it came to capitalism they did something right. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

Other great minds have helped chart new horizons, but nothing of truly outstanding note ever came from the likes of Liberal, Progressive and Communist minds like the losers Karl Marx, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson-Lee, and so many others of their ilk.

Why do we, at first, condemn those who give us new “realities” and frontiers? Because when we are challenged to “think” (and when Liberals are challenged to think) they (and we) become…


Thinking and having thoughts are two different processes. Thoughts are the process of organizing the current knowledge and experience you have acquired to come up with ideas about your present or future situation. Thinking, on the other hand, requires you to envision that which you have to think of or experience…

The dilemma is that thinking forces you to consider possibilities for which you do not know it all and you don’t have it all figured out and thus creates confusion. For Liberals, it creates TREMENDOUS confusion.

Too often, leaders avoid confusion because it makes them look insecure when they do not know the answers. They appear to be lacking confidence in themselves in their circumstances…

…sort of like our present dimwits in charge of the District of Criminals.

Since we are taught that confused people lack confidence, we don’t consider that confusion could be the pathway to brilliance. We don’t even consider that there are tools that empower us to navigate through confusion.

So, we Americans go about our daily lives looking up to misfits as our role models and people who entertain us and make us “comfortably numb” in our stupor. When people make us think that we are thinking we love them. That is because they meet us where we are – our current reality – and ask us to stretch it just enough to make us proud. But when smart people force us to think, we hate them. It causes us to be uncomfortable: it forces us out of our intellectual comfort zones… something that the fools in Washington, D.C. don’t do too often, or often enough.

Nikola Tesla promulgated the theory of wireless technology in the early 1900s. The scientific world called him a fool. They said if you send out a wireless signal, it would continue into outer space for infinity and get lost. They believed a wireless signal could not travel around the earth. For the scientific community, their belief was their reality. And they lived it as if it were a fact.

What reality do you hold? Where would society be if we were more open to the new realities of inventors?

Step out of your comfort zone and “think outside the box” and think that which you have never thought. DREAM! You will be amazed at the possibilities that are hidden in plain sight.

Spanish Word for “Black” Gets Spanish Teacher Fired.

Spanish Word for “Black” Gets Spanish Teacher Fired



Petrona Smith is a teacher at a Bronx middle school who, by teaching kids Spanish, gave them the valuable knowledge of how to survive in this country that increasingly resembles Mexico.Unfortunately for Smith, there was one particular seventh-grader in her class who, I’d put money on, had been brought up in a liberal household, because he finds words to be offensive—the word “negro” in particular. No, not as in what Senator Harry Reid would call the “Negro dialect” of a black person, but as in the Spanish word for the color black.

The lesson in class that day was on colors, and this seventh-grade whiner evidently took offense at the Spanish language’s designation of the word “negro” for the color black, even though, it’s worth adding, the Spanish language existed long before the racial term “Negro.”

As any kid on his way toward being a good liberal in life would do, he tattled on the teacher for her lack of political correctness. The teacher was fired and now she’s suing.

I’m probably in alignment with a lot of conservatives in saying that I have a hard time sympathizing with liberals when they become the victims of liberalism. Because Smith is black, she is probably a liberal (or at least a Democrat), and so while she truly is the victim here, all I can really do is chuckle about it.

It reminds me of one of my favorite beers, Negra Modelo. I took three years of Spanish in high school, but while I don’t really remember much, I do know that “modelo” in Spanish means a standard, or a model, and “negra” means the color black when applied to feminine nouns. “Modelo,” however, is a masculine noun. So, following the grammatical rules of Spanish, the modifier “negra” should actually be “negro,” the masculine form of that color, which is used for masculine nouns. However, the company went with the grammatically incorrect “Negra Modelo” instead of the closer-to-correct “Negro Modelo” (though really it should be “Modelo Negro,” since, in Spanish, adjectives come after the nouns they modify), because, it is my theory, the company did not want to offend black people. Instead, they butchered the language.

This, furthermore, is much like the feminists’ butchering of English. Certain words in the language offend them, so they change the words. “Woman” becomes “womyn” and “history” becomes “herstory.” So intense is the pathological and borderline psychotic loathing that feminists feel toward men that any hint of a mentioning of their sex must be eradicated from the language.

The best I can hope for Petrona Smith is that she wins her lawsuit, gets her job back, and, if she is indeed a Democrat, opens her eyes to the fascism her party peddles in demanding political correctness.

Read more:

Editor’s Note: Negro is also used in Portuguese, “noir” in French, and is not considered racist. I, too, do not feel sorry for the Liberal twits who do not understand words of color like “blanco”, “rojo”, “amarillo”, etc.

On Benghazi and ‘Expendable Faggots’


Posted by Ann Barnhardt – May 10, AD 2013 5:16 AM MST

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, along with the rest of the regime players, murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens. It was a hit. It wasn’t incompetence. It wasn’t deer-in-the-headlights collective inaction. It wasn’t a kidnapping plot gone wrong. It was a hit.

The whole incompetence argument is simply the domain of moral and intellectual cowards who insist upon seeing the world through rose colored glasses and deny objective reality. My contempt for these people knows no bounds. It’s one thing to be stupid. It is quite another to be a coward. Cowardice is a pure moral choice. This is why courage is the fruit of the Third Sorrowful Mystery (the crowning with thorns). If courage was a genetic phenotype, as baseline intelligence largely is (as opposed to willful ignorance), then Our Lord would not desire that we pray for the grace of courage every day. Show me someone arguing that the Obama regime is incompetent and I’ll show you a quivering little coward.

Next is the whole “kidnapping plot gone wrong” argument. Sorry. It doesn’t hold water. First, the theory that Obama wanted to do a prisoner exchange of Ambassador Stevens for the Blind Sheik right before the election in order to look like some sort of hero is simply ludicrous. Americans would have been repulsed and disgusted by such a move. Americans don’t cotton to capitulation to kidnappers. And releasing the Blind Sheik? No, this would have worked against Obama in public opinion. The fact of one of our Ambassadors being kidnapped at all would have come off as a sign of profound weakness, and releasing the Blind Sheik would have pegged the needle on the ol’ wimp-o-meter.

Next, this kidnapping scenario assumes that the Obama regime was relying on fairly contested elections, had no election fraud teams in place in the major metro areas of the swing states, and/or was truly Nixonian in its desire for a unanimous victory. Again, nope. They clearly weren’t going for a unanimous or near-unanimous electoral college sweep as Nixon was trying to do. They were all about targeted fraud in the swing states. They had no care or concern about winning Kansas, Wyoming or Oklahoma. The motives simply don’t match up.

Finally, we have to ask why the Clintons were co-conspirators in the murder of Stevens. WHY are the Clintons a.) participating in the initial murder of Stevens and b.) not throwing Obama and Jarrett under the bus? The Obama machine stole the 2008 primaries from Hillary, and both Bill and Hillary personally loathe Obama and his Chicago crew. Why this unholy demonic alliance?

Because Chris Stevens was a lynchpin in the running of arms by the Obama regime and Clinton’s State Department in full cooperation with each other to the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda through Libya. And yes, it is absolutely sane and appropriate to assume that Huma Abedin (Hillary’s consigliere and daughter of high-ranking Muslim Brotherhood leaders) figures into this. Both Obama’s White House and Hillary’s State Department were mutually and equally tied to this arms running, and both of their bacons were equally in the fire. The Obama White House, I am convinced, has plans for the retention of power beyond 2016 (Michelle?), and Hillary thinks she is going to be POTUS from 2017-2025. The bottom line is that the duumvirate of the most dangerous, evil psychopaths on the face of the earth decided for slightly different reasons that Ambassador Stevens needed to be dead in order to cover the gunrunning to the Muslim Brotherhood, and so together, they killed him. They withdrew all of his security (at the behest of the State Department), told the Muslim Brotherhood that it was all-clear, guaranteed that there would be no response or retaliation to an attack (only the Oval Office could issue the stand-down order), and even put the cherry on top by instantly framing the entire hit as some sort of musloid blasphemy propaganda. That was just gratuitous. Sickeningly gratuitous.

If it had been a kidnapping plot, Chris Stevens would have been KIDNAPPED. Remember, he had almost no security in the end. He wouldn’t have been gang raped, killed and then had his dead body gang raped again.

The Clintons have a long history of having people murdered, all the way back into the early 1980’s in Arkansas. Vince Foster. Ron Brown. These people are psychopaths and murderers. You have to deal with this.

The Obama machine, being neo-Stalinist, is also murderous, having seen to the assassination of at least three of Barry’s sodomy partners from Trinity UCC cult on the South Side of Chicago. Purely as an aside, don’t you think that it is odd that an attention whore like Jeremiah Wright saw three members of his cult murdered within just a few weeks of one another and never said a WORD publicly about that? No demands for a full FBI investigation on the front steps. No march through the streets with Jesse Jackson and Fr. Pfleger demanding that justice be done and that the targeted killings of his flock be given the highest priority by law enforcement. Nope. Nothing. It’s almost as if Wright was neither surprised nor alarmed by the rapid serial killing of his “parishioners”. I wonder what POSSIBLE EXPLANATION there could be for that?

Sadly, Chris Stevens was just another “expendable faggot” in the eyes of the Obama-Clinton machine. He was a dead man the day he accepted the position. And doesn’t it seem odd that the Obama-Clinton machine would send a known sodomite man to be the ambassador to an unstable, backward muslim country to begin with? Again, it was probably done intentionally as a last-ditch hedge, an ace-up-the-sleeve as it were. Stevens could be killed, and then turned into some sort of sodomite martyr as a last-ditch plan. But, they didn’t need that. They had the “blasphemy video”. Eyeroll.

Finally, I would like to reiterate that the ultimate “expendable faggot” is Barry himself. I worry. I worried terribly after he showed up stoned to the first debate. I continue to worry now. Barry the man is in no way any sort of intellectual driver behind the regime. He is a puppet, a facade, a lazy imbecile and sodomite and nothing more. If the drivers decide that he is worth more dead than alive, assassinating their “expendable faggot” would be the mother of all Reichstag Fires, and would likely result in instant suspension of the Constitution and martial law. IF BARRY IS ASSASSINATED, THE FIRST THING THAT A TEXAS, A KANSAS, AND ANY OTHER REMNANT STATES LOYAL TO THE CONSTIUTION SHOULD DO IS SECEDE. LIKE, WITHIN MINUTES.

And you people keep paying taxes into this.

Kyrie eleison.
Christe eleison.
Kyrie eleison.

Minute Men NewsYet Another Democrat Tries To Assassinate An American President – Minute Men News.

Yet Another Democrat Tries To Assassinate An American President




I laughed out loud when I learned that the man who sent poisoned letters to President Obama is a Democrat. And then I thought, “Well doesn’t that figure?”

The would-be assassin, whose fame I will not contribute to by writing his name, sent letters laced with ricin to Obama and to Republican Senator Roger Wicker. Inhaling the toxin is deadly, and all it takes to kill a human is an amount 1/288 the size of an aspirin.

A picture of the man, a white guy whom I will henceforth refer to as John, surfaced on the Internet (where pictures are wont to surface). It comes from his Facebook page and shows John kneeling down beside the back bumper of a car, which has a sticker on it that reads, “Christian and a Democrat.” John is giving the sticker a thumbs-up.

However, his Facebook page lists his political views as “Independent.” So the fact that he gave a pro-Democrat bumper sticker a thumbs-up and also tried killing a Democratic president likely means he is one of those people who feel that Obama is too moderate, that the Democratic Party is not suitably liberal, and therefore has registered as an Independent.

Even I initially thought that whoever did it was either a Republican or some backwoods, tinfoil-hat-wearing pseudo-Libertarian. Now that it’s come out he is a Democrat/Independent, it’s no surprise; virtually every assassin or would-be assassin of American presidents, both Republican and Democrat, have been leftists (to the extent that their political views are known).

Successful assassins (whose politics we know):

  • John Wilkes Booth, a Democrat, shot and killed President Lincoln
  • Charles Guiteau, a member of the communist Oneida Community, shot and killed President Garfield
  • Leon Czolgosz, a leftist anarchist (similar to the useful idiots in the Occupy movement) shot and killed President McKinley
  • Lee Harvey Oswald, a communist, shot and killed President Kennedy.

Read more:

The Real Reasons Bill Clinton Now Supports ‘Gay’ Marriage : Political Outcast.

The Real Reasons Bill Clinton Now Supports ‘Gay’ Marriage

In an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal former president Bill Clinton has come out of the closet in support of homosexual marriage. In 1996, he signed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Why the change? He says that 1996 “was a very different time.”This tells me that Clinton governed in terms of opinion polls. In 1996, opinion was against homosexual marriage, therefore, he was against it. In 2013, opinion polls show a different view. There’s nothing startling in this type of moral shift. Politicians do it all the time.

With 17 years of pro-homosexual propaganda hitting us every day, I’m not surprised that opinions have shifted. Let me ask the poll question, and I bet opinion would shift back hard the other way. Remember, low-information and no-information voters are now in the majority.

But let’s get back to Clinton and the real reason for his shift.

First, Hillary is setting her sites on a 2016 presidential run. This means she’s lining up all the special interest groups ahead of time. Homosexuals, while they make up no more than three percent of the population, have great influence and deep pockets.

Bill can now speak in support of her candidacy without having to answer questions about signing DOMA.

Second, Clinton’s support of homosexual marriage removes the stigma of his sordid sexual affairs. How can he be against consensual homosexual sex when he and his liberal friends and media sycophants kept saying that his sexual exploits were  only about sex and it was consensual? Sex is no big deal, no matter who’s doing it to whom.

The Lewinsky scandal didn’t emerge until 1998, two years after Clinton signed DOMA. Once he got caught in the Lewinsky tryst, he was damaged goods. Supporting homosexual marriage makes his extra-marital sexual encounter just another sexual encounter.

If homosexual marriage is now accepted when in 1996 it wasn’t, then surely a healthy male with a sexual appetite like Clinton’s can’t be denied similar sexual freedom. Clinton’s sexual rendezvous with Monica Lewinsky was a big deal 17 years ago, but the moral goal posts have been moved since then. With homosexual marriage now accepted, who’s going to judge a president who only did what came naturally?

Third, Clinton helped America lose its moral compass. He now has to justify it. Instead of repenting, he’s succumbed to the deviancy. Again, this is an old story that makes literature what it is today.

The late New York Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan described this phenomenon in a 1993 paper as “Defining Deviancy Down,” defined by Suzanne Fields as “lowering the bar for what was once considered deviant behavior, giving a pass to things society once scorned.” Notice the date.

Moynihan started from Emile Durkheim’s proposition that there is a limit to the amount of deviant behavior any community can

“‘afford to recognize’ and that, accordingly, we have been re-defining deviancy so as to exempt much conduct previously stigmatized, and also quietly raising the ‘normal’ level in categories where behavior is now abnormal by any earlier standard. This redefining has evoked fierce resistance from defenders of ‘old’ standards, and accounts for much of the present ‘cultural war. . . .’”

The long-term effects of lowering the moral bar are not immediately seen or understood. But it doesn’t take a degree in psychology or social work to see the devastating consequences of moral surrender to the bleating sheep of moral discontent.

Ascent to homosexuality is not new. Some of the great civilizations of the world tolerated, even extolled the virtues of homosexuality. As any 8th-grade history student knows, the remnants of their civilizations are little more than tourist attractions today.

America is headed in the same direction.

New photos, details emerge of Newtown mass shooter Adam Lanza | The Lookout – Yahoo! News.

New photos, details emerge of Newtown mass shooter Adam Lanza





Accused Newtown shooter Adam Lanza was spending more time alone in the months leading up to the mass shooting as his mother, Nancy Lanza, attempted to encourage him to be independent despite his mental disabilities, a Hartford Courant/Frontline investigation has found. In a new documentary called “Raising Adam Lanza,” which airs Tuesday night on PBS, reporters from the Courant attempt to retrace the steps taken by Nancy and Adam in the years leading up to the shooting, complicating the picture that has occasionally appeared in the media of Nancy as a gun obsessed mother who was in denial about her son’s mental challenges.


Adam is believed to have shot his mother four times in the head as she slept on Dec. 14 before shooting his way into Sandy Hook Elementary, where he attended school as a child, and killing 20 children and six women. He then took his own life.


Frontline and The Hartford Courant provided Yahoo News with several previously unpublished childhood and teenage photos of Adam Lanza they uncovered in their investigation.


The 20-year-old had been spending more time alone in his mother’s $500,000 home in the affluent Connecticut suburb in the months leading up the shooting, Courant reporters Alaine Griffin and Josh Kovner found in their investigation. Adam’s social world gradually began shrinking after he left Newtown High School at the age of 16 to enroll in a nearby college, where he made As and Bs before withdrawing there, as well. Since 2010, Adam had not attended school.


Between 2010 and 2012, Nancy took Adam to nearby gun ranges to practice shooting. Nancy purchased four firearms, including the Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle Adam is believed to have used in the attack, during the same period. Her friends say Nancy used target practice as a way to bond with her withdrawn son. Police also uncovered thousands of dollars worth of violent video games in the Lanzas’ home. Police believe Adam may have been inspired by the video games he played in the attack, since he changed the magazines of his weapons more frequently than was necessary, Frontline reported. Late Sunday, the Courant also reported that Adam may have felt that he was in direct competition with Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, based on news articles about Breivik’s 2011 crime they found in the Lanzas’ home.


(Hello! Is anybody paying attention to what is going on here?  Duh!)

In the months before the attack, Nancy took frequent trips and left Adam at home unsupervised–including on one trip this past Thanksgiving–in an attempt to make him more independent.


Her friends say Nancy is the forgotten 27th victim that day.


“She’s been described as some sort of gun nut or survivalist and this other misconception that she was a bad mother,” her friend John Bergquist told Frontline. But he said her life “revolved around caring for Adam.”


Adam was diagnosed at a young age with sensory integration disorder, a medically controversial diagnosis that meant Adam had trouble coping with bright lights, loud noises, and knowing when he was in pain. Later, when he was in middle school, Adam was also diagnosed with Asperger’s, a condition related to autism that can make social interaction challenging. (Medical experts cautioned that autism disorders are not associated with violent behavior.)


A friend of Nancy’s remembered that when Adam was just six years old, he did not like to be touched. If children his age touched them, he recoiled or became upset. “He was angry with them,” Marvin LaFontaine, Nancy’s friend, told Frontline. Richard Novia, who co-founded the tech club Adam joined while he attended Newtown High School, told Frontline Adam would have “episodes” as a teen where he would completely withdraw from the world, sometimes sitting in a corner, motionless.


Nancy raised Adam and his older brother in their Newtown home on her own after she and her husband separated in 2001. In 2009, the couple officially divorced, and Adam abruptly cut off contact with his father in 2010 for reasons that are unclear.


Nancy’s friends said she was planning on moving to either Washington or North Carolina to enroll Adam in college again, so that he could get a degree in history.