Memo to Romney on Iran surprise: Consider Yourself Warned

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Memo to Romney on Iran surprise.


Memo to Romney on Iran surprise

Exclusive: Joseph Farah shares shocking inside information on Obama’s nuke deal

Published: 1 day ago

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The media are asleep at the switch on what could prove to be the biggest story of the presidential campaign.

Mitt Romney needs to be paying close attention.

As WND reported last week, Barack Obama has secretly sent high-level emissaries to meet with representatives of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Qatar to set the stage for a major announcement any day that a deal has been struck over Iran’s nuclear program.

The problem with the deal is that is a phony diplomatic coup – designed only to propel Obama’s re-election bid.

Here’s the essence of the deal: Iran would make a gesture to “temporarily suspend” part of its nuclear enrichment program in exchange for a lifting of U.S. sanctions. Obama would send Iran a letter accepting Iran’s contention that it does not have any nuclear weapons ambitions, and he would announce to the world that a foreign country (unnamed) was responsible for the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists.

Obama’s representatives made clear to Iran that a Romney administration would be more pro-Israel and that the current administration discouraged Israel from attacking Iran.

Iran’s delegate was told, in no uncertain terms, “Play ball with Obama before Election Day or face an attack by Israel in a Romney administration.”

It’s worth noting that no State Department representatives were in attendance at this meeting on or about Oct. 1. Instead, the outreach to Iran is being directed by Valerie Jarrett, a key political strategist for Obama and an Iranian-born member of his inner circle.

This could be the “October Surprise” Obama is planning to swing the election his way. With the rest of the media in the dark as to the nature of this impending deal, they are likely to allow the White House to write the script for them. Even alternative media and talk radio are largely ignoring the critical details of the breakthrough reporting by Reza Kahlili for WND.

Unless that situation changes in the next few days – with more developments coming – there’s only one thing that can blunt the impact of this dangerous political charade: Mitt Romney’s awareness of the facts.

The Iran nuclear program represents a political and geo-strategic game-changer.

Obama knows this.

He is likely to attempt, in the next few days, to turn this “breakthrough” into his own Camp David-style achievement.

The establishment news media will not be doing any digging for the truth. They are neither equipped for it, nor inclined to do it – so long as it helps Obama. The alternative media aren’t much better when it comes to hard-hitting investigative reporting, especially into foreign affairs and the Middle East. They just don’t have the personnel and sources on the ground.

I’m writing this as a warning – to Americans and to Mitt Romney.

I don’t expect the media to see through this ruse.

Now think about this: No one in the Obama administration has hinted at an impending deal with Iran on its nuclear program. I am not hinting. I am telling you it’s coming. So when you see these events unfold, who are you going to believe?

Are you going to believe what Obama says? Are you going to believe this amazing “breakthrough” just came about coincidentally a few days before the election? Are you going to believe this was the result of hard diplomatic work and tough negotiating over the last four years? Or are you going to recognize this was an act of political desperation, a sell-out of national security, a betrayal of Israel and a deal with the devil?

Consider yourself warned.

Team Romney: Take heed of this briefing. How you handle what’s coming could well determine who is serving in the White House come Jan. 20, 2013.


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