Why Liberals Cling to Socialist Principles In Spite Of Evidence Against Socialism – Patriot Update

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Why Liberals Cling to Socialist Principles In Spite Of Evidence Against Socialism – Patriot Update.


In Part 8 of this series, I explained how liberals hope to use government as their instrument of control over the lives of Americans.  In this installment, I explain why liberals cling so tenaciously to their leftist socialist principles in spite of the evidence against socialism. Why do liberals like President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Rangel, and Maxine Waters cling so stubbornly to their state-as-god mentality?  Of course one reason is that liberals are anything but objective observers, but the reasons behind their stubborn adherence to socialist orthodoxy go well beyond a lack of objectivity.

Liberal secular humanists criticize Christians for having what they describe as “blind faith in God,” yet the left clings to its socialist notions—in spite of socialism’s consistent record of failure—out of blind faith.  Writing in The Washington Time on March 30, 2009, David Limbaugh cites the example of Congressman Charles Rangel, one of the left’s most vocal champions of socialist programs: “Rep. Charles Rangel’s recent comments about President Obama’s budget exemplify the liberal ruling class’s Beltway arrogance and blind faith in an ideology that compels it to press on the accelerator as we head for the cliff toward the nation’s financial ruin.”

In an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Representative Rangel claimed that he was not troubled by a report from the Congressional Budget Office estimating that President Obama’s federal budget deficit would be $2.3 trillion higher than the already astronomically-high projections of the White House. According to Limbaugh, what Rangel meant by his lack of concern was that: “We liberals are going to do what we have been itching to do for decades, and even though our policies will place even greater burdens on the economy, retard economic growth, and cause the debt and deficits to further explode, we’ll end up with a surplus anyway because we are so doggone virtuous with our liberal compassion that fate will have to reward us.” (The Washington Times, March 30, 2009).  And the left accuses Christians of having blind faith.

Arrogance, false compassion, emotionalism, and blind faith in a system that not only does not work but breeds laziness, sloth, and irresponsibility—these are the characteristics necessary to be a socialist.  Until America replaces these characteristics with those of the traditional work ethic—thrift, diligence, self-reliance, self-discipline, responsibility, accountability, and hard work—all of the bailouts, handouts, and entitlements in the world will have no more effect than water that is poured into a bottomless bucket.  In the age of global competition, America cannot win with an inefficient, government-controlled economy.  Only an unfettered free-market economy will allow America to regain its status as the world’s economic superpower.

Socialists claim to want to help people, but their claim cannot stand up to the scrutiny of either logic or common sense.  An objective observer might reasonably ask, “How do you help the jobless by hurting the entrepreneurs who create jobs?”  In truth, the best way to help someone is to empower him to help himself.  But liberals who have set themselves as the self-appointed nannies of American society do not like to see people helping themselves.  Too much self-reliance and Americans might stop viewing themselves as victims.  Then where would the liberals be?


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