Is This Political Incest, or What?

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Is this interesting or what?

Is this coincidental? This is Bob DeCarolis, Athletic Director at Oregon State University.

Mr. DeCarolis was considering firing their Basketball Coach, Craig Robinson

after an 8 -11 start (2-5) in the Pac 10 conference).

However, when word reached Washington, D.C., Undersecretary of Education Martha Kanter

was dispatched to Corvallis, Oregon with $17 million in stimulus money for the university. (Corvallis, Oregon has a residential population of 54,520 and is home to Oregon State University.)

Thankfully, Craig Robinson’s job is safe for another year, while millions of Americans are jobless, the Keystone Pipeline project is shelved while the Usurper and his classless family go to Disneyland, and the Great Unwashed thinks he is doing a ‘great’ job.

Now, pay attention, because here comes the interesting part of the story…

For those of you unfamiliar with Coach Robinson,

he just so happens to be the brother in law of none other than this country’s Usurper in Chief, Barack Hussein Obama.


That’s right he is the brother of none other than…

(drum roll, please)

Michelle Robinson Obama!

(cymbal crash!)

Don’t they look a lot alike?

But hey, can’t we all come to the conclusion that Coach Robinson’s job security was all just a coincidence?

I’m sure of it… aren’t You?

Thank Goodness For The Stimulus!!!

But $17 million for one job? I wonder what yours is worth?

If this doesn’t piss you off, nothing will! Remember to vote in 2012 and evict these crooks out of the White House. We “The People” do NOT appreciate ‘Chicago Style’ cronyism.


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