Will The REAL Saba Ahmed Please Stand Up?

Posted: December 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

by Ernest O’Dell

On Thursday, December 8, 2011, an imposter posing as the “real” Saba Ahmed called into the America Akbar radio program on the Radio Jihad network of Blog Talk Radio at www.blogtalkradio.com to debate the “merits of Islam” as per the challenge issued by Wild Bill For America on YouTube at http://youtu.be/tfuQzcgFoCI

One week later, on Thursday, December 15, 2011, she was again scheduled to come on the radio program and debate with Diane Sori, who had been asked by Wild Bill and Gadi Adelman to call in and debate this woman. This supposed Saba Ahmed could very well be an imposter or could actually have the same name, as Saba and Ahmed are common names in the Middle East and muslim countries.

IMPORTANT: The REAL Saba Ahmed already ran and lost the election. The imposter posing herself as Saba Ahmed said she’s never run but is considering running. Lastly, Saba Ahmed could be her real name but names like Saba and Ahmed are common names, not only in Arabic, but also in many Islamic countries, including–but not limited to–Pakistan. Saba Ahmend, as a name, is about as common as John, Jane, or Bill Smith in English oriented names. A real name, perhaps, but a different identity.

Analysis: the imposter who called in to the Radio Jihad show, America Akbar, misrepresented herself to the radio show hosts. If she were practicing intentional deception (taqiyya) to dupe Mr. Adelman and Will Bill, she was successful. She basically played them like a Georgia fiddle and they fell for it due to her great acting abilities and her “crocodile tears” which she turned on and off at will. Frankly, as a listener, I thought both Messers Adelman and Finlay (aka “Wild Bill For America) were deceived by Ms. Ahmed’s tears and they catered to her by calling her in familiar referential terms such as “honey” and “sweety”.

They (Messers Adelman and Finlay) were rude to Mrs. Sori by commenting that she needed to take a break and give her voice a rest, because they misinterpreted Mrs. Sori’s attack on Islam as an ad hominem attack against Ms. Ahmed, which was not the case. Their comments sounded condescending to Mrs. Sori and appeasing towards Ms. Ahmed. I as a listener understood perfectly that Mrs. Sori was drawing Ms. Ahmed out on her lies and deceptions, and never once did I hear Mrs. Sori attack Ms. Ahmed in any personal way.

There’s a saying that the GenX crowd is noted for: in reference to the radio host and co-host, they got ‘punked.’ Personally, I as a listener feel that they owe Mrs. Sori a public apology. Why? Because at the end of the show thanks were given to Ms. Ahmed, but no mention was made about Mrs. Sori–who, by the way–was requested by the show hosts.

Mrs. Sori had all the right information, show prep and talking points, and on more than one occasion during the show, they rudely interrupted Mrs. Sori’s presention of the facts.

The bottom is this: Mrs. Sori had it right: Saba Ahmed would not repudiate the stoning or killing of women in Islamic countries as she (Ms. Ahmed) called it “cultural” and not repudiating the fact that this is exactly what is taught in their Qur’an, Hadiths and Sunnat. Again, it is my personal opinion that Mrs. Sori is owed an apology… publicly.


The real Saba Ahmed, was born and raised in Islamabad, Pakistan. She moved to Portland, Oregon for college and earned her Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and Physics from Portland State University. The imposter who called in on the internet radio show “Radio Jihad, America Akbar” claimed she came here at a very young age and was brought up here. Hence, the real Saba Ahmed would have a Pakastani accent; the girl on the show did not. In fact, she had a “valley girl’ accent and sounded very much like someone from California or the west coast.

Source: http://bluecollarphilosophy.com/2011/08/hijab-wearing-saba-ahmed-is-running-for-congress-in-oregon/

This is the real Saba Ahmed, who ran for Congress and lost. The girl who appeared on the America Akbar radio program on Thursday, December 8, and Thursday, December 15, was an imposter and didn’t appear to sound like she had enough intelligence to manage a global investment firm as noted at http://www.sabaahmed.com

From the index page at sabaahmed.com:

“Saba Ahmed, LLC is a global investment and intellectual property research service provider. Saba Ahmed, LLC has its corporate office in Portland, Oregon USA and research center in.New Delhi, India. We provide custom research in Finance and Intellectual Property. Our team has a proven track record. Clients seeking unique insight and resolution to their most challenging and urgent Financial Research and Patent Research related issues chose Saba Ahmed, LLC and its global partners. Our high-end Financial Research Services team comprises research experts of variety of asset classes. The team of Financial Research Services have expertise in Company Profiling, Financial Modeling, Comparable Company Analysis (Comps), Comparable Transaction Analysis (Spreads), Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (DCF) and Leverage Buyout (LBO) etc. We offer Financial Research Services to Investment Banks, Private Equity firms, Asset Management Firms, Financial Advisory Firms etc. Our Intellectual Property Research Services team comprises engineers and science graduates from diverse technology verticals. Our Intellectual Property/Patent research team have expertise in Patent Drafting, Prior Art Searches, Claim Product Charts and Patent Illustration etc. We offer Patent Research services to Law firms, In-house IP Corporate Counsels, Technology Research Centers, Inventors, and Intellectual Property Firms etc. Kindly check back once we re-launch our website. Thanks. Regards, Saba”

More Facts About The Real Saba Ahmed

Saba Ahmed is a 26-year-old Beaverton woman running a long-shot campaign for Oregon’s vacant congressional seat who has been getting a lot of attention from bloggers around the country.

The top of her website features an Islamic prayer — in Arabic — and an audio clip of the prayer. A photo of Ahmed, who grew up in Pakistan, shows her in the hijab often worn by Muslim women.

Not surprisingly, that’s fodder forbloggers who are critical of Islam and think the U.S. is under threat of being dominated by Islamic law.

Ahmed, who previously worked at Intel and says she is studying for an MBA and for a law degree, is unusual in several ways.

In 2004, at the age of 19, she graduated with a double major in electrical engineering and physics at Portland State University. She’s been active in Democratic volunteer circles in recent years, participated in a pair of programs to train women to run for political office and did internships for then-Gov. Ted Kulongoski and Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore.

She has also been frequently interviewed as a friend of the family of Mohamed Mohamud, the Somali-American teenager accused of attempting to bomb a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony in Portland last year.

In January, Ahmed was featured in local news reports after her family reported her missing. They told police that she had been diagnosed with a mental disorder and had disappeared sometime during the process of checking herself into Providence St. Vincent Medical Center.

Ahmed said in an interview this week that she had not been diagnosed with a mental disorder and that it stemmed from a dispute with her family. My questions apparently prompted her to write along blog post describing what happened. It’s a complicated tale that she said involves a potential romantic involvement in Florida, an unfair arrest for stalking in that state and being trapped in the home of another man there who had two wives.

When she finally returned to Oregon, her family was upset and questioned her honor. “It just got out of hand,” she said, leading to her family trying to check her into a hospital. Instead, she slipped away and drove to California for a respite.

Ahmed, who says she’s been recently lobbying Congress to end U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan, said that, “Obviously I am not a traditional politician.”

She featured her religion on her campaign website because “I put God before anything else.” But she also said that, “I’m running to represent all people.”

Related topics: saba ahmed, special congressional election, u.s. house

Source: http://blog.oregonlive.com/mapesonpolitics/2011/08/saba_ahmeds_unusual_race_for_a.html

Interesting note: From a post on Bare Naked Islam (August 16, 2011), they have a post titled “Hey Portland, Oregon! Is THIS what you want representing you in Congress?” where a link is made to http://www.sabaahmed.com/saba.html.

There’s only one problem with that link: it’s been conveniently taken down since then. Clicking on the link in the BNI article will only take you to a 404 error page.

Source: http://blog.oregonlive.com/mapesonpolitics/2011/08/saba_ahmeds_unusual_race_for_a.html

AGAIN, the real Saba Ahmed grew up in Pakistan: NOT here in the United States as claimed by the imposter on America Akbar! Also, the real Ms. Ahmed was arrested on the West Coast, not in Florida as claimed by the caller posing as Saba Ahmed. Let me reiterate again that the imposter may very well bear the name Saba Ahmed, but she is not the “real” Saba Ahmed who ran for the open congressional seat in Oregon District 1.

More on the real Saba Achmed. http://www.linkedin.com/in/saba1

  • Defense of Human Rights Pakistan – President, USA Chapter
  • Democratic Party of Oregon – Member, Finance Committee Washington
  • County Democrats – Member, Rules Committee Emerge Oregon & Emerge
  • America – 2009 Graduate New Leadership Oregon – 2008 Graduate National
  • Lawyers Guild (NLG) Portland Chapter – Board Member Oregon League of Minority Voters
  • Board Member Islamic Society of (NOTE) PAKISTAN!!!!

1.) The real Saba Ahmed IS already a law school graduate, the one on the America Akbar show said she was “working towards” her law degree!
2.) The real SABA was arrested and confined on the West Coast NOT in Florida as the imposter claimed.

Reference: http://www.oregonlive.com/beaverton/index.ssf/2011/01/missing_beaverton_woman_safely_located_in_california_hotel.html

On the America Akbar show she said she ran as a Republican. She lied: the real Saba Ahmed first ran as a Democrat then switched parties.

Source: http://blog.oregonlive.com/mapesonpolitics/2011/11/oregon_muslim_woman_who_ran_fo.html

“Saba Ahmed, the young Muslim woman from Beaverton who ran in the Democratic primary for Oregon’s 1st District congressional seat, says she has switched to the Republican Party.”

From her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/superpower.queensaba

“Never thought I would see this day, but I am officially a registered REPUBLICAN. Thank you to all the Oregon Democrats for helping me realize my Conservative Potential. Looking forward to 2012 Republican Victories!”

Ahmed, who had interned for then-Gov. Ted Kulongoski and Rep. Earl Blumenauer, has been a frequent participant in Democratic events. She received less than a half-percent of the votes in last week’s primary. She added: (M)y conservative Islamic values (pro-life, pro-family values, pro-business) made it very hard for me to defend myself as a Democrat. George Bush advocated water boarding torture just like Obama advocated drone missiles. Both parties treat Muslims badly, which is why American economy is going bankrupt fighting Islam. Inshallah, I look forward to helping foster a better understanding of our faith…

And yes I was banned from the Oregon Tea Party and Washington County Republicans earlier this year because of my Islamic beliefs, but I have to believe there is room for learning. I have to try and make a place for myself even if i’m unwelcomed. I know several tea party republicans hate me because they somehow blame me for 9/11. But I know once we talk to each other, get to know one another, we can all heal together. Inshallah!

Ahmed said in an interview that she wants to help Republican congressional nominee Rob Cornilles in his race against Democrat
nominee Suzanne Bonamici by building support for him in minority communities.

Editor’s Note: Do the Republicans really need her type of help? Sort of begs the question, “With friends like that, who needs enemies?”

Her claims and allegations were countered by the moderator of the Oregon Tea Party forum at Beware the Taqiyya of “Moderate” Muslims *UPDATED*


Google Search for Saba Ahmed – About 3,350,000 results (0.09 seconds)
  1. Over the past couple few weeks I’ve listened to several different “blog talk” radio programs, and I’ve found that the biggest majority of these radio “hosts” are much into bloviating and enamored at the sound of their own voice. Most–if not all–of these internet based radio hosts are unprofessional and inexperienced and don’t know how to run a radio show. There’s no show prep, no “talking points” and more than a few ditzy airheads.

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